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Britney tells their story.....


The story of Quadir + Britney..


It’s interesting because Quadir and I don’t have a traditional, Love at first sight story. we went to different high schools, I went to Minor High (Go Tigers), and he attended Ramsay High. Our first encounter with each other another came through a high school sorority and fraternity (AKK and Nu Kappa League). We’d often have outings where we’d run into one another but never more than a hi and bye. Now, let Q tell it, he’d been trying to date me since high school... unbeknownst to me bc I was as single as single could be. Time passed, he got a girlfriend, I got a boyfriend, and we went off to different colleges. Here’s where the story gets interesting again, Q promises that he tried to hunt me down while I was in school in Huntsville... but, I NEVER saw him there...and I was definitely on the scene. Lol. Years passed, more relationships formed, more relationships ended, and one random Monday I slid in his DMs on Instagram...

We talked a bit that night, and after about a week or so we spoke everyday! This happened around the beginning of November 2013, and we went on our first official date the Friday after Thanksgiving 2013. We dated exclusively for about one year and decided on Oct 14, 2014 to become boyfriend and girlfriend..


After dating a while and getting to know one another he proposed 7/17/16, and I tearfully said yes. Here we are today married.


I always tell people our story is funny because it’s not your traditional fairytale but it’s our fairytale. I often think: What if I’d settled? What If he’d settled? Where would we be today?

Often times, we have to trust God and his process... who knows??? Maybe Quadir knew something that I didn’t back in 2003, but we weren’t ready then.. and until we’re BOTH ready.. it’s pointless. I’ve married my soulmate; it’s challenging, it’s fun, and above all we click on a spiritual level! And THAT is all that we could’ve ever prayed for!!

~The Sudana’s



Venue: Douglas Manor (Tracie Howard)

Catering: Stephon Adams (Step by Step catering)

Cake: Rickey J’s (Pinson , AL)

Photography: Danny Kang Austin & Dwight Ladd

Videography: Eric Dejuan

Entertainment and Lighting: DjPlatinum Andre (Dj Platinum)

Suits: Men's Warehouse

Dresses (bridesmaids and Bride): Bella's Bridal: Ms. Carolyn Lauriello

Flower arrangements: Lorraine Seward

Makeup Artist: Shante Smith

Brides hair : Zach Pickett

Officiant: Pastor Dennis Brown

Soloist: Sherri Brown

Pianist : Ryan Hall

Mistress of ceremonies : Patrese McClain

Wedding coordinator/wedding Directress: Tanya Hendricks

Transportation: Vintage Auto Wedding Chauffeur

Head hostesses: LaTonya May & Lorraine Seward

Bridal Attendant: Taneka Hicks


April Jones

Whitney Bates

Wykeria Clark

Tameria Smith

Brittany Fuller

Shekena Baldwin

Tiphany Turner


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