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1:1 Photography Training

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On-The-Job- Training

Ever been on a shoot and needed someone there that can coach you thru difficult jobs?


Ever needed help at a wedding?

If so look no further we are here to help you! 

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1 on 1 Photography Training

The real beauty of 1-on-1 photography classes and mentoring is in flexibility and ability to jump start your freelancer’s career. Custom photography classes and mentoring program allows to concentrate on things that matter to you most.

Sure, you can start where I started- figure out the route and learn from your mistakes along the way. But it’s important to realize, that its way more intelligent to learn from the mistakes others make.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, full-time photographer who feels stuck or needs accountability, or anything in between- I’ve got you covered. You can choose between a one one one private session or find a friend or even a small group of friends and book as a small group. I will customize the course to your fields of interest. 

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of in person 1-on-1 photography classes and mentoring

To point out some advantages and disadvantages of 1-on-1 photography classes and mentoring, I did put a list with pros and cons.



  • being accountable will help to achieve better winning results

  • allows to determine your current photography skill level and set personalized goals

  • working 1-on-1 allows to customize your to photography classes and mentoring direction at any given moment

  • detailed real time feedback is available when working in real time photography class

  • gives ability to observe and participate in real time photo shoots/ magazine editorial assignments

  • expedited help with your personal assignments and photography inquiries/bids


  • limited availability choices when picking the right local photography class and mentor

  • price generally will be higher for 1-on-1 photography classes and mentoring when compared to online classes

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